MusicaNova Orchestra Policy for Educational Outreach and Collaboration

MusicaNova will seek out and establish collaborations with schools, colleges, and music education foundations, identified as a key success factor for growth in the Musica Nova, Inc. Strategic Plan. Such collaborations are a wonderful opportunity for two-way engagement, including the opportunity for professional musicians to provide instruction and insight, and for students to learn by performing in MusicaNova-sponsored concerts and artist development workshops.


Educational Outreach and Collaboration Keys to Success

MNO Visits the School

Our primary school engagement activity. MNO artists (conductor, soloist, composition fellow, orchestra members) visit a school to present a program or master class for a class visit, assembly, or selected group of students. As we grow, MNO may add repeatable programs for various grade levels that could be offered to several classes at a school or to multiple schools in a district.

The School Visits MNO

MNO invites partner school or organization musicians to attend orchestra rehearsals to see how a professional orchestra prepares for a concert. (Requires scheduling and coordination between MNO and the school.)

MNO encourages partner school and organization musicians, their families, and non-musician students to attend Orchestra and Young Artists Series concerts.

MNO and the School Collaborate on a Performance

Individual top-level partner school and organization solo musicians will be candidates for the Young Artists Series of concerts. Producing more than five such concerts per season is possible.

Multiple individuals or ensembles from partner schools or organizations, both instrumentalists and singers, will be candidates for public Collaborative Concerts, with outside marketing and publicity. Performers could be from one or more schools. (This was recently done with the ASU Guitar Ensembles.)

Individual instrumentalists will sit in with the orchestra and/or vocal ensembles will provide choral music as appropriate. This requires long-range planning with orchestra programming, as well as preparation of student resources. Student artists will need a high level of skill, and must commit to a rigorous preparation, rehearsal, and performance schedule for each concert.

Educational Outreach and Collaboration History


In recent years, the MusicaNova Orchestra (MNO) has conducted a number of outreach activities with schools. Presenters including  MNO Conductor Warren Cohen, a MNO Composition Fellow, and an Orchestra or Young Artist concert soloist visit schools or other venues shortly before a concert to talk about their experiences as musicians and to demonstrate some of their playing. In recent seasons over 700 student and faculty lives have been touched on each visit day.



Many MNO events include collaboration with school musicians in orchestra or other concerts, including:

MNO is Artist-in-Residence at Tempe High School for the 2016-17 through 2019-20 school years, working with 150+ student musicians in the orchestra program, and inviting 65+ selected students to join the orchestra for two concert programs:

Seven Nation Riff, Bruckner Symphony No. 5 and Dia de los Muertos, October-November 2016

Intangible Heritage, Symphonic music from the Mariachi tradition, April 2017

ASA choir members singing at orchestra concerts:

Vaughan Williams Dona Nobis Pacem, April 2013

Mozart Vespres Sollenes, January 2012

ASA musicians playing at orchestra concerts:

Don Giovanni Act I Finale, April 2013

Mahler Ninth, April 2012

BASIS Schools Collaborations

BASIS-Cactus Wind Ensemble played at a Chamber Music at Steinway program (now Young Artists Series), May 2013

Individual BASIS and ASA students playing at Steinway or Young Artists Series concerts