MusicaNova Composition Fellows Program

MusicaNova Orchestra boldly extends its mission to find and play the finest new music

The MusicaNova Composition Fellows Program offers emerging composers the opportunity to:

  • Get professional musicological evaluation of their symphonic score
  • Receive hands-on mentoring in the preparation and rehearsal of their work
  • Hear it played by a professional orchestra before a paying audience
  • Receive a recording of the performance with non-exclusive rights
  • Receive consultation on marketing of their work


MusicaNova Composition Fellows


Connor Helms (Arizona State University) “Squaring the Circle: Sacred Geometry Fugue for Orchestra” was performed October 28, 2018

Akshaya Avril Tucker (University of Texas) “Songs for Hindustani Singer, Soprano, and Sinfonietta” was performed January 26, 2019

Mayumi Kimura Meguro (University of Michigan) “Hana o Tobashite” was performed March 31, 2019


J. M. Gerraughty (University of Oregon) “Stand in the Center and Extend Outward” was performed October 29, 2017

Zachary Bush (Arizona State University) “Trepidation” was performed January 27 and 28, 2018


Fiona Ryan (Dalhousie University) “Re:Play” was performed October 30, 2016

Dale Sakamoto (Arizona State University) “Perennial” was performed January 28 and 29, 2017

Julie Hill (Manhattan School of Music) “Waves” was performed April 23, 2017


Karalyn Schubring (University of Michigan) “Symphonic Dance No. 1” was performed November 1, 2015

Jon Lin Chua (Eastman School of Music) “Seven Miniatures for Orchestra” was performed January 24, 2016


Nicholas Landrum (Indiana University) “Gaslight” was performed October 26, 2014

Tengku Irfan (The Juilliard School) “Nocturne for String Orchestra” was performed April 12, 2015

About the Composition Fellows Program

The MusicaNova Composition Fellows Program seeks new, high-quality scores from emerging composers for symphonic orchestra or ensemble works of up to 15 minutes in length. Submissions will be evaluated by the Music Director, with the goal of selecting up to three Composition Fellows each season, each of whom will receive professional evaluation of their work; mentoring in the entire preparation, rehearsal, and performance process; and consultation on marketing.  All ages and nationalities are welcome, and score submissions are accepted year-round.

Composers selected for the program will collaborate with MusicaNova to underwrite, advertise, and co-produce a performance of their work as a World Premiere during of one of our regularly scheduled orchestra concerts in the Central Arts District of Phoenix.

We believe this program is unique among professional orchestras worldwide.

Once selected, MusicaNova’s Music Director will work closely with the composer through preparation of their piece for orchestra rehearsal, including orchestration and preparation of parts, followed by a week-long intense, hands-on process of rehearsal and revision with the MusicaNova Orchestra, leading up to the work’s performance before a paying audience in Phoenix. The composer is encouraged to attend all rehearsals and performances in the Phoenix AZ area to see their vision come to life in the hands of professional players. Composers from outside the Phoenix area may receive a $500 stipend to cover travel costs.

MusicaNova will collaborate with the composer on both the artistic and business aspects of their music.  MusicaNova business advisors will work with Composition Fellows to identify funding sources, including grants, corporate underwriting, crowdsourcing, and individual sponsorship.

As part of the program, the Composition Fellow will participate MusicaNova educational outreach visits to partner schools in the greater Phoenix area to talk about their work, their approach to music, and their life as a composer.  The composer may also be featured in a panel discussion at the concert or at a pre-concert event.

If the work is well constructed and beautiful, but it is not fully scored or there are gaps in the composer’s knowledge of orchestration, the MusicaNova Music Director and others in the organization will work with the composer to revise and improve their score. Composers may conduct their own works at the performance, if appropriate, with coaching from the MNO Music Director.

Composers chosen as MusicaNova Composition Fellows will receive a professionally produced audio and video recording, without commercial use restrictions.


What the Composer Should Know

The MNO Composition Fellow program is radically different, and, we think, unique among programs that purport to help emerging composers. As a MNO Composition Fellow your music will be heard not just as a reading session, but also as a fully-rehearsed performance by a professional orchestra before a paying audience. We will work with you on the business aspects of getting your music performed, and artistically in making the piece better, giving feedback on your music and orchestration.  You will own non-exclusive rights to a professional recording of the performance of your work that you can use for any promotional or commercial purpose.  You may even be able to conduct your own work.  Recognition as a MNO Composition Fellow can be an important educational experience and a boost to your professional career.

For further details or to submit a score for consideration, please contact MusicaNova Music Director Warren Cohen at, or call +1-480-585-4485.