MusicaNova Orchestra Policy for Educational Outreach and Collaboration

MusicaNova will seek out and establish collaborations with schools, colleges, and music education foundations, identified as a key success factor for growth in the Musica Nova, Inc. Strategic Plan. Such collaborations are a wonderful opportunity for two-way engagement, including the opportunity for professional musicians to provide instruction and insight, and for students to learn by performing in MusicaNova-sponsored concerts and artist development workshops.


Study Aids for Young Musicians
by MusicaNova Orchestra Musicians and conductor Warren Cohen

Video Title
Dealing with Stage FrightDavid Ice12:34
Practicing with a MetronomeJulian Nguyen19:11
Routine Exercises for Low BrassMatt Vezey24:49
Ocotillo Classical-Folk FusionRobert and Cindy Leger12:41
Violin Practice Tips:  Strengthening FingersSarah Abbott7:04
Cello Two-Octave Scales 1: C MajorBilly Glaser8:29
Cello Two-Octave Scales 2: G MajorBilly Glaser6:19
Cello Two-Octave Scales 3: D MajorBilly Glaser5:05
Cello Two-Octave Scales 4: F MajorBilly Glaser6:01
Cello Two-Octave Scales 5: B-flat MajorBilly Glaser6:40