MusicaNova Cultural Data Project/Data Arts Profiles

MusicaNova FY18 (2017-18 season) Grant Application Schedule and Status
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Grant Maker  Funds For Due Date Status Amount Awarded
FY18 Applications Awarded
Arizona Commission on the Arts
GOS FY2018 03/16/17 Awarded $5,000 $5,000
City of Phoenix Office of Arts & Culture Grants GOS FY2018 03/30/17 Awarded $5,000 $5,000
City of Tempe Arts Projects Grants Ed Outreach & THS
05/01/17 Awarded $8,000  $7,600
Scottsdale League for the Arts
FY18 Scottsdale Events 04/17/17 Awarded $10,000  $5,000
FY18 Applications Declined
Scottsdale Arts FY18 Community Concerts 04/17/17 Declined $3,000  June
FY18 Applications Submitted
Copland Foundation*  Composition Fellows Pgm  06/30 Submitted $10,000  November
Gila River Gaming GOS Submitted TBD TBD
Applications Under Development
Applications Considered but Not Submitted
Fiesta Bowl Charities MNO Artist In Residence  06/06 Not Submitted
AZ Diamondbacks Foundation MNO THS AIR Spring 07/20 Not Submitted
Arizona Coyotes Foundation
MNO THS AIR Spring 07/29 Not Submitted
Phoenix Suns Charities FY18
Community Concerts
03/31/17 Not Submitted
Applications In The Pipeline
Fulton Foundation MNO AIR 2016-17 08/05 Under Consideration  $20,000 Unknown
Bank of America Sponsorship Audio Recording  Open Under Consideration $2,500 Unknown
Arizona Lottery Community Sponsorship Grants TBD TBD Under Consideration TBD
Mayo Clinic Community Relations Program TBD  Under Consideration
American Composers Alliance* Composition Fellows  6 -12 mo advance  Under Consideration
Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust Arts & Culture Grants Under Consideration
The USAA Foundation Under Consideration
Submission Dates Missed
Arizona Cardinals Charities Educational Outreach 06/13/16
Previous Applications Not Funded
Amphion Foundation * Composition Fellows  04/01/15 Not Funded


New Music USA Cycle 2 * Composition Fellows 04/01/15 Not Funded $3,000  July
Out of Consideration
New Music USA Not aligned with MNO mission
Flinn Foundation Limited to “advancement of biosciences in Arizona”
Salt River Project Requires audited financial statement
Kresge Foundation Requires audited financial statement
Target Arts in Schools Grants Minneapolis area only
Prince Charitable Trusts   Chicago, Washington DC, Rhode Island only