St. John Passion: An Eastertide Oratorio

Evangelist: Daniel Kurek, tenor – Pilate: Earl Hazell, bass – Jesus: David Topping, bass

The short recits of Peter and the Officer are sung by Philip Dixon; the Servant by Arijana Lempke.

Part I – Section 1

1. Chorus: Hail! Lord and Master

2. Recit: Jesus went with his disciples
Evangelist, Jesus

3. Chorus: Jesus of Nazareth!

4. Recit: Jesus said to them
Evangelist, Jesus

5. Chorus: Jesus of Nazareth!

6. Recit: Jesus answered them
Evangelist, Jesus

7. Chorale: O mighty love, O love beyond all measure

8. Recit: So that the saying might be fulfilled
Evangelist, Jesus

9. Chorale: They will, O God, be always done

Part I – Section 2

10. Recit: The band then, together with the Captain

11. Aria: From the bondage of iniquity
Amanda Langham, alto soloist

12. Recit: Simon Peter followed Jesus afar off

13. Aria: I follow Thee gladly, my Lord and my Master
Melissa Solomon, soprano soloist

14. Recit: Now that other disciple was known
Evangelist, Peter, Jesus, Officer

15. Chorale: O Lord, who dares to smite Thee?

16. Recit: Now Annas sent Him bound

17. Chorus: Art thou not one of His disciples?

18. Recit: But Peter denied it and said
Evangelist, Peter, Servant

19. Aria: Ah, my soul, where shall I hide my shame?
TBD, tenor soloist

20. Chorale: Peter, with his faithless lies


Part II – Section 3

21. Chorale: Christ, whose life was as the light

22. Recit: And then they led forth Jesus
Evangelist, Pilate

23. Chorus: If this man were not a malefactor

24. Recit: And Pilate said unto them
Evangelist, Pilate

25. Chorus: Four us it is not lawful to put a man to death

26. Recit: So that the saying might be fulfilled
Evangelist, Pilate, Jesus

27. Chorale: O mighty King, how marvelous Thy glory!

28. Recit: Then Pilate said unto them
Evangelist, Pilate, Jesus

29. Chorus: Not this man, no not this

30. Recit: Now this Barabbas was a robber

31. Arioso: Come ponder, O my soul
David Topping, bass soloist

32. Aria: Behold Him!
Ryan Glover, tenor soloist

33. Recit: And when the soldiers had plaited Him a crown

34. Chorus: See! We hail Thee, King of the Jew

35. [Omitted]

36. [Omitted]

37. Recit: Then Pilate said to them
Evangelist, Pilate

38. Chorus: We have a sacred law

39. Recit: And when Pilate heard that saying
Evangelist, Pilate, Jesus

40. Chorale: Our Lord, in prison cell confined

41. [Omitted]

42. [Omitted]

43. Recit: And when Pilate heard that saying
Evangelist, Pilate

44. Chorus: Away with Him, away!

45. Recit: Pilate saith unto them
Evangelist, Pilate

46. Chorus: We have no king but Caesar

47. Recit: And then he delivered Him to them

48. Aria + Chorus: Haste, all ye whose souls are weary Earl Hazell, bass

49. Recit: And there crucified they Him

50. Chorus: Write thou not: King of the Jews

51. Recit: But Pilate answered
Evangelist, Pilate

52. Chorale: Thy name, O Lord, is shining

Part II – Section 4

53. Recit: And then did the soldiers

54. Chorus: Let us not divide it

55. Recit: So that the Scripture might be fulfilled
Evangelist, Jesus

56. Chorale: See Him, in His agony

57. Recit: And from that hour he took her
Evangelist, Jesus

58. Aria: It is fulfilled
Claire Penneau, alto soloist

59. Recit: And bowing His head, He gave up the ghost

60. Aria + Chorus: My Lord and Master, let me ask Thee David Topping, bass soloist

61. Recit: And then behold, the veil of the Temple

62 .Arioso: My heart, see how the world
TBD, tenor soloist

63. Aria: O heart, melt in weeping
Kathleen Berger, soprano soloist

64. Recit: The Jews therefore, because it was the Preparation Evangelist

65. Chorale: Help us, Christ, God’s only Son

Part II – Section 5

66. Recit: At last, after this Joseph of Arimathea

67. Chorus: Sleep well, and rest in God’s safe-keeping

68. Chorale: O Jesus, when I come to die