Sunday, March 31 at 2:00 PM
In the MIM Music Theater

4750 East Mayo Boulevard, Phoenix AZ 85050



Distinctive musical voices and unique harmonies are at once instantly recognizable and yet radically different from one another as Composition Fellow Mayumi Kimura Meguro combines taiko drumming and her grandmother’s voice, Mozart dedicates a work to the mysterious “Mlle. W”, Carl Reinecke recounts the legend of Viking chieftain Håkon Jarl, and MusicaNova recovers Bruckner’s nearly lost “Symphony Zero.”

Mayumi Kimura Meguro MusicaNova Composition FellowHana o Tobashite Arizona Premiere

W. A. Mozart, Rondo No 1 in D Major, K.485Angelina Zhang, piano soloist

Carl Reinecke, Symphony No. 2, Op. 134 “Håkon Jarl” American Premiere

Anton Bruckner, Symphony No. 0, WAB 100 “Die Nullte” Arizona Premiere

 W. A. Mozart Rondo No 1 in D Major, K.485
Angelina Zhang, piano soloist

The replacement for a concerto finale that was too serious for the frivolous Viennese audience, Mozart gave us an attractive work that is both lyrical and brilliant while letting the pianist explore many kinds of virtuosity and expression.

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Carl Reinecke Symphony No. 2, Op. 134 “Håkon Jarl” American Premiere

Based on the life and death of a legendary Viking lord, the symphony is filled with moments of extraordinary harmonic imagination, completely logical and within the rules, but using sounds and voicings that no other composer ever thought of.

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Anton Bruckner Symphony No. 0 “Die Nullte” Arizona Premiere

A strange name and a curious history nearly relegated this lithe and light but rarely performed symphony to obscurity. Not published until 1973 it’s in fact a work of considerable humor and muscular energy that makes it points with directness and grace.

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Mayumi Kimura Meguro

MusicaNova Composition Fellow Mayumi Kimura Meguro is an award winning classical and film composer.who has composed and arranged music for clients including the United Nations, the University of Michigan and the Parliament of Canada. Her works have been performed worldwide. Mayumi is a graduate of Interlochen Arts Academy and the recipient of the 2018 ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composer Award. In 2017 she graduated with honors from the University of Michigan as a triple major in Music Composition, Music Theory, and International Studies, with a minor in Marketing and Business administration. Mayumi is currently a Human Rights intern at the United Nations New York Headquarters where she works in the UN Human Rights Office as well as arranging and composing works for the UN Symphony Orchestra and the UN Singers Choir.

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Meet the artist

Piano soloist Angelina Zhang, 13, is a seventh grader at BASIS Ahwatukee. She started studying piano at age 4-and-a-half with Mrs. Hong Zhu. An accomplished performer, Angelina is the winner of the Arizona State 2018-2019 Music Teacher National Association piano competition; other First Place awards in 2018 included the Steinway/Avanti Future Stars, the Arizona Young Artist, the East Valley Music Teacher Association, and the Desert Valley Music Teacher Association piano competitions. In May 2015 she was the youngest performer in the MusicaNova Young Artists Concert Series, where she made a return appearance in September 2017. During her spare time, she loves to read, solve math problems, paint, and make hand crafts.

MusicaNova Orchestra Concerts are supported by grants from the City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, the Arizona Commission on the Arts, Tempe Arts Grants, and Scottsdale Arts.