America’s Indigenous Music (2018)


The MusicaNova Orchestra
Featuring R. Carlos Nakai and the Rogue Trio

Warren Cohen, Conductor

  • James DeMars, Spirit Horses, featuring Native American flute soloist R. Carlos Nakai
  • Graham Cohen, Concerto Grosso for Eclectic Trio (World Premiere), featuring The Rogue Trio
  • Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson, Sinfonietta No. 2
  • Dale Sakamoto, Perennial (World Premiere) MusicaNova Composition Fellow, Arizona State University
  • Graham Cohen and Mitchell Selznick, Poem (World Premiere)


MusicaNova Orchestra is delighted to welcome Native American flutist and multiple Grammy nominee R. Carlos Nakai, who joins the orchestra to play a new version of ASU composer James DeMars’ (b. 1952) Spirit Horses, including a lively improvised “Flute Jam” encore. The program features a bountiful mix of works by American composers including Sinfonietta No. 2 by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (1932-1996), one of the most prominent African-American composers of the 20th Century, working in  jazz, dance, pop, film, television, as well as classical music.  MusicaNova favorite Graham Cohen’s Concerto Grosso for Eclectic Trio and String Orchestra recalls the form of his work Unexpected Affinities, premiered by the orchestra in 2015.  Also on the program, world premieres of Composition Fellow Dale Sakamoto’s Perennial and Graham Cohen’s Concerto Grosso for Eclectic Trio featuring The Rogue Trio.

Composers DeMars and Sakamoto and the Rogue Trio are all affiliated with the Arizona State University Herberger Institute School of Music.

Recorded live on January 29, 2018 at the Central United Methodist Church in Phoenix, Arizona


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