Mid-Century Masters: Twentieth Century English Composers (October 2017)


The MusicaNova Orchestra
Warren Cohen, Conductor

Be enveloped in strikingly cinematic sounds and themes, as MusicaNova Orchestra performs works from English composers Richard Arnell, Ralph Vaughan Williams and Malcolm Arnold, all prolific creators of symphonic works and familiar film scores.

  • Richard Arnell: Symphony no. 6 “The Anvil”
  • Malcolm Arnold: Symphony no. 5, Op. 74
  • R. Vaughan Williams: Concerto Grosso for String Orchestras – featuring the Harmony Project-Phoenix Orchestra
  • J. M. Gerraughty, MusicaNova Composition Fellow: Stand in the Center and Extend Outward World Premiere
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English music, 20th Century music and movie music are all themes of this concert. Although the Vaughan Williams piece was written in 1936, the Arnold in 1960 and the Arnell in 1992, they were all active, famous and familiar composers in the England of the 1950s.

All three symphonies are strikingly cinematic. That’s not surprising, as all three composers wrote film music, and all are well known as Symphonists: Arnold and Vaughan Williams wrote nine symphonies each, and Arnell wrote six (plus a “Sinfonia Quasi Variazione” that he said was ‘really his 1st Symphony”).

Click here for detailed program notes and composer biographies.

Recorded live January 27, 2018 at the Central United Methodist Church in Phoenix, Arizona

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