Ports of Call: Music From Around the World (April 2018)


The MusicaNova Orchestra
Warren Cohen, Conductor

  • Jacques Ibert: Ports of Call
  • Carl Nielsen: Clarinet Concerto No. 57Alex Dergal, soloist
  • W. A. Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 23, K.488 Vitlaus von Horn, soloist
  • Jean-Philippe Rameau: Suite from “Les Indes Galantes”
  • Zachary Bush, MusicaNova Composition Fellow: Trepidation World Premiere
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The idea of traveling through music is central to this program. First, the Ibert piece Ports of Call, imagines a musical journey on a Mediterranean cruise, as you stop off at various points along the way.  Mozart’s concerto, heard at the eponymous moment in the current film “Death of Stalin,” will be different than any performance you have heard before.  The way Mozart would have performed it himself, it’s full of improvisations and elaborations by the soloist found nowhere in the written score.

Nielsen’s Clarinet Concerto sounds like jazz had infused the Danish character of the music, and the Rameau Suite from Les Indes Galantes is a musical journey through the New World — a truly exotic location for an 18th Century French composer. The incredible “Danse des Sauvages” swings like a ragtime number, and was inspired by Rameau hearing Native American music at an exhibition in Paris some years before he wrote the opera!

In all of these works the exotic elements are integrated in a style that is distinctive to the composer, whose identity remains intact even as he journeys musically into another realm.

Recorded live April 22, 2018 at the Central United Methodist Church in Phoenix, Arizona

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